Paracamping Adventure
(June 22nd-23rd 2019)

We are excited for this XC adventure. We will be flying unsupported from Middletown Regional Airport to Crawdaddy’s Private airstrip in Carrollton, Kentucky. There is a possibility that a truck will be following the route but don’t plan your trip on it. It’s approximately 80 miles each direction and we will have 2 gas stops. Communications will be primarily through a group text message so figure out how to have access to your cell phone while you are flying. You will need to figure out how to fly with what you will need to camp for the night and your oil for your paramotor. You won’t need to carry food or water. You can get snacks and drinks at each gas stop and there is a pizza/deli walking distance from the camp site.

Here is what I am taking for an example. 1 person tent, sleeping pad, blow up pillow, Aviation radio, cell phone, Go Pro, 20000MA external battery, oil, small set of tools, spark plug, coffee, small butane cook stove and coffee cup.

We are taking off early from Middletown to allow for a headwind. During the day we will setup camp and if the weather is good you can fly. In the evening if the weather is good we will do some flying and exploring.

Sunday morning we will break camp and plan on heading back to Middletown airport between 6-7am.

Saturday June 22nd

5:30 am Meetup time at Middletown Regional Airport

5:40 am Briefing

6:00-6:15 Launch

Important Addresses

Middletown Regional Airport 1707 Run Way Middletown, Ohio 45042

Gas stop #1 BP (4292 Hamilton Cleves Rd, Fairfield, OH 45014)

Gas stop #2 BP (632 N High St, Rising Sun, IN 47040)

Camping site: Crawdaddy Landing (800 4th St, Carrollton, KY 41008)

Contact List

(if your name isn’t here you haven’t signed up. Signup here

  • David Schmaus 937-241-7834

  • Chris Holbert 937-527-9906

  • Brian Wirick 937-829-0135

  • Gary Grunwald 734-558-8957

  • Richard Turner 502-243-5742

  • Chris Warfel 513-460-7849

  • Richard Turner2 502-594-9227

  • Douglas Helminiak 419-266-1382

  • Keith Johnson 864-982-6253

  • Ryan VP 513-582-7405

  • Brandon Schweitzer 513-678-7686